About Us

Shikhar Bhargava Public School, Udaipur is named after Shri Shikhar Bhargava, the late son of Delhi resident Industrialist, Philanthropist and Chief Patron of Tara Sansthan Shri N.P. Bhargava. The main objective of the school is to provide free quality education to the children of widows whose husbands have passed away and do not have sufficient resources to send the children to school or those children who do not have both parents. The students are not charged any fees; books and stationery are also provided to them free of cost. Along with this, arrangements for transport are also made to bring children from remote areas to school.

About Tara Sansthan

With the blessings of Dr. Kailash ‘Manav’ the Founder and Managing Trustee of Narayan Sewa Sansthan (Trust) Udaipur, his daughter Smt. Kalpana Goyal funded Tara Sansthan with the resolve of service to suffering poor people. Smt. Kalpana Goyal was initiated into humanitarian service-endeavours at the tender age of 12-13 years with the assignment of collecting a handful of flour from the neighbouring homes for feeding the attending companions of poor patients in General Hospital, Udaipur by her father. Her active association with Narayan Sewa Sansthan for over 25 years inspired her take up specific service activities independently, and the result is Tara Sansthan. A few friends and associates also joined her in team.